Hi, I'm stephanie!  

i've been lucky enough to spend the last 13 years hanging out with the absolute sweetest and most fun families in the lincoln, nebraska area!

I'm so glad you're here!

My husband, kids and I are renovating a 1972 vintage Avion camper and while we lived in North Carolina for almost 2 years, we got to take it up and down the East Coast from Maine to Georgia and into the Blue Ridge Mountains.  My dream life would be taking that old camper all over the country some day!

weekend trips are my favorite thing on earth

I love a personality test and am an INFJ in the Myers-Briggs MBTI types and an Enneagram 4w5.  

Basically that means I'm an introvert who's committed to doing something in life that I passionately care about, and love for my work to make an impact on people.  

i'm an infj and 4w5

I'm not sure how it's possible since I'm still so young (haha!) but I started Cleo Creative in 2010, just after I graduated from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln with a Bachelors in Interior Design and minors in Studio Art and Art History.  

I do still love Interior Design but I never pursued it as a career.  Now I just follow my favorite designers on Instagram and drive my husband nuts with ideas for my own house. 

i've owned this business for over 13 years!

These three are my favorite people on the planet.  If I had any confidence in my ability to homeschool (I don't) I'd love for us to live full-time in a camper and travel around the country together, exploring and discovering amazing things every day! 

i'm a wife to a great guy and a mom to two amazing kids

I always have an audiobook in process on my phone, a half-read book on my Kindle, and a library book started on my nightstand, all at once.  

One of my favorite things to do is listen to an audiobook on a nature walk.  Even better if the walk takes me to a really delicious seafood or taco restaurant! 

I'm reading or listening to at least 3 books at any given time






Let's Get Personal!

fun Facts About Me!

Fun facts

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I really believe that family photography is more than just buying new clothes and finding the perfect location.  It's about love, fun and family connection.

My Philosophy